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5 Reasons To Teach

Why Teach?

There are many reasons why people choose to teach, there is nothing more rewarding than making a difference and celebrating the achievement of children’s learning, however small or big, and you can go home proud knowing that you have taught someone something and made a difference. Teaching pupils new skills, knowledge and providing opportunities they will not otherwise have. As a teacher, you inspire learners to be creative and passionate about learning and giving all children access to a high standard of learning to be successful in whatever they choose in later life.

No two days are ever the same in teaching! That is one of the great things about teaching along with planning and teaching engaging lessons you can take part in extracurricular activities and indulge in your hobbies and interests by getting involved in trips, residential, or after school clubs.

    1. Every day is different

    Teaching is a job with variety, as you work through new units, new topics, and new children each year. If you are a person bored of the repetitive task then teaching may be the job for you.

    1. Learn as well as teach

    Teaching and learning is a lifelong journey. Teachers not only share their existing knowledge and skills, but they get to learn something new along the way. Importantly Teachers must keep up to date with changes in Education, policies technologies, and trends.

    1. Make a difference

    There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the accomplishment of understanding and achievement on a child’s face. Why teach? So that you can impact students from all backgrounds, shaping the future generation.

    1. Teach anywhere

    Teaching is endless. If you train to become a qualified teacher in England, then you will be able to work almost anywhere in the world. International schools are always seeking teachers, especially those who have trained and qualified in England.

    1. Flexible hours

    For many parents wanting to teach involve the convenient working hours. Teachers can balance home and work life easier. Planning and preparation can always be done from home.


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