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10 Reasons to Become a Supply Teacher!


There are several reasons why one chooses to work as a supply teacher. The beauty of supply is that there are plenty of jobs out there to be covered.

Below is a list of advantages of supply teaching

  • When you work as a supply, you have the opportunity to gain experience in a range of key stages and encounter different schools, subjects, ages, and staff.
  • You get to meet new people everyday.
  • This is also great if you are working on supply while considering moving in to permanent work in the future because you get to try a school out before committing to a permanent contract.
  • Supply teaching also offers availability including daily, part-time, block supply or termly work. The flexibility means you can choose when and where you work.
  • Supply teaching is unique in comparison to other jobs no day is ever the same. If you don’t like the school you are at, you always have the opportunity to work somewhere else.
  • For NQTs it is a fantastic opportunity to get valuable experience before taking on a permanent role.
  • Supply teachers get to leave at the end of the school day, unlike permanent teachers whose growing workload usually means putting countless extra hours in.
  • You are free of the relentless pressures, which means no planning, no marking, no meetings, and no parent’s evenings.
  • Supply teachers can earn relatively well in comparison to the hours worked. Supply teacher pay averages between £100- £130 a day and can go up to £170 or more depending on experience.
  • Supply teachers also have the option of being paid on a convenient weekly basis.


If supply work is something you would like to do in London please express your interest at: info@teachersprospect.co.uk.

You can also visit teacherprospect.co.uk for other permanent teaching jobs available in and out of London

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